What are the best betting sites in Kenya

Sports betting sites have become very popular lately. They are fun and bring an opportunity to make extra money along the way. Some of them even offer matches’ live streaming, online casinos, etc. There are over 20 bookmakers in Kenya but far from all of them are reliable. In order to secure your positive experience, you need to use only the best betting sites in Kenya. However, how can one make the right choice?

On the one hand, most sites look alike. They have similar offers, a variety of events you can bet on, even interface seems very similar. On the other hand, when you dig deeper, you realize how they all differ and which one will be the best for you. Let’s go over the most popular and new betting sites, discuss which key factors you need to consider, and learn more about betting prediction sites in Kenya.

best betting sites in Kenya

How to pick the best betting sites in Kenya

Picking the best site from all betting sites in Kenya is not a very easy thing. Yet, you can split it into a few steps and get what you want much easier. So, it takes 5 major steps to narrow down the list of options.

  1. First of all, you need to compare the quality of the odds. Mind that sometimes new bet sites in Kenya offer better odds only at the beginning to attract new customers. So take your time and compare the offers to pick the best. Out of the list of betting sites in Kenya, SportPesa and Betin usually deliver the highest odds.
  2. It’s equally important to consider the site’s reputation. Chose a bookmaker who is already established, reliable and trustworthy. Do some research and find out more about the issues the sites had with users if any.
  3. Besides, you should get to know whether the site you like allows you to bet on the kind of sports you want. Sites like 1xBet support up to 47 betting markets delivering you a wide selection of events and games. Some other sites have fewer options.
  4. If you like gambling as well, you should pick the site that offers both an online casino and bets on sports. It’ll be a win-win situation and let you stick to one site. You’ll have less confusion about the cashout, accounts, etc.
  5. Finally, you need to find out about the minimum deposit amount and payment options. If you want to go small at first, the bookmaker must have a small minimum deposit. The top betting sites in Kenya accept Mpesa making all the transactions safe, quick, and transparent.

bet sites in Kenya

Are there any bet sites in Kenya with bonus?

Check out bonus and promotion offers beforehand, too. Keep in mind that some websites don’t provide them at all. Compare the deals and the amount of jackpot to pick the most suitable option.

For example, 1xBet has a great welcome bonus. Elitebet, on the other hand, stands out delivering bonuses to those who miss out on the jackpot by 1-3 games.

Top betting sites in Kenya: 10 options to choose from

Out of all options, there are 10 that stand out.

They are:

  • SportPesa
  • Betin
  • Elitebet
  • Betway
  • BetYetu
  • Betika
  • Bet365
  • BetPawa
  • 1xBet
  • Defabet

Let’s find out more about every site from this list of the best betting sites in Kenya.

So, SportPesa is one of the best choices as it offers live betting, 2 huge jackpots, very high odds, a variety of betting markets. The withdrawal is as easy as adding funds. However, not everything is so perfect about it. If you wish to go small, this site will seem to have high minimum deposits. It doesn’t have casino or lotto services.

Betin doesn’t offer any bonuses now. However, it also has some advantages. First of all, it’s very easy to sign up. You can check out Livescore to get an insight into the upcoming events, their schedule, status, and outcome (if it’s over). You can add funds via Mpesa and bet that money a couple of minutes later.

Elitebet is excellent if you want to go small at first. This is one of the football betting sites in Kenya which has minimum withdrawal fees and very little minimum deposit. This bookie makes jackpot available to everyone since the amount to bet is very affordable. You may do SMS betting, accumulate bonuses, etc. However, mind that it is limited to one kind of sports only and has lower odds compared to other sites.

Betway is one of the few football betting sites in Kenya that offers cashout. It also supports live betting, online casino, high odds, secure payments, lots of other sports to bet on, etc. Unfortunately, Betway doesn’t support popular e-wallets and makes it hard to get bonuses.

bookmakers in Kenya
BetYetu offers pre-match, in-play, and mobile betting services. It stands out by the 24/7 live support. You can also place SMS and USSD bets using the desktop version of the site or an app. The loyal users get rewards and free bets. Nevertheless, if you need a great variety of sports to bet on, this won’t be your best solution.

Betika is often considered to be a mid-range site but it secures a very pleasant betting experience. It offers only betting on sports, without any distractions. The interface is very simple, and the jackpot seems alluring, too. If you don’t treat it as a game, you are sure to find it sufficient. On the other hand, it doesn’t offer the cashout, live betting, etc. It’s quite difficult to withdraw money.

Bet365 stands out offering a fast registration process. It’s also one of the best betting sites in Kenya with bonus, an online casino, and lotto. You can glimpse live sports actions, do the live betting, set up cashout, and bet on a great selection of events with high odds. Yet, this bookmaker doesn’t offer SMS betting which can be the key factor for some users. It also has some foreign currency barriers for local players. Bet365 doesn’t support the most popular e-wallets. It’s kind of disappointing.

BetPawa is one of the top live betting sites in Kenya with very good reviews. It doesn’t have an app and accepts bets on 9 kinds of sports only. Also, it doesn’t have jackpots, online casinos, or SMS betting. Yet, it’s very popular and reputable because it has a clean design and user-friendly interface. It has transparent options, low minimum deposits, and an affiliate program. The site also accepts bets as low as 1 KSH.

1xBet is one of the relatively new betting sites in Kenya. It’s been around for a long time now but it entered the Kenyan market a few years ago. This bookmaker also offers live bets, over 47 betting markets, a generous welcome bonus, high odds, a variety of payment methods, etc. It even has an online casino. However, the withdrawal procedure is relatively complicated and time-consuming.

Defabet also offers live betting, various sports to bet on, and an online casino with the top games. In addition to high odds, this is one of the top betting sites because it has a lively and captivating website as well as its mobile version. However, it has a relatively high minimum deposit amount and doesn’t support popular e-wallets.

betting tips sites in Kenya

Tips on betting tips sites in Kenya

If you want to be more efficient and make more money in this industry, you can learn more about betting prediction sites in Kenya. These are the third-party companies that publish tips and predictions about the upcoming matches. You can rely on them or use this knowledge to come up with your predictions. The choice is all yours.

Besides, there are two types of betting tips sites in Kenya: free and premium. If you are short of money or don’t want to pay, take advantage of the free options. Mind that they’ll be very limited. In case you prefer to get more predictions and tips, you can use the premium services of live bet sites in Kenya.

The best of the best are Bet Winner 360, SportPesa Games Prediction, Cheerplex SportPesa Tips, etc. They can be used for all local Kenya bookmakers and all betting sites in Kenya. Some sites like SportPesa Games Prediction gather the pro opinions from the experts.

top betting sites in Kenya

The verdict on the top betting sites in Kenya

All in all, it turns out that choosing the best betting platform is not very hard. You now know the key factors to pay attention to beforehand. If you use these tips, you are sure to make the right choice.

You also know which sites are the most popular in the country. This will narrow down the list of options as only the best bookmakers in Kenya are gathered here. You should now think about what you want, whether you need SMS betting or a mobile application. Define which way you’d like to deposit money and pick the site that supports this method.

Finally, you know how to improve your results by using tips and predictions. So, go ahead and try your luck!

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