In case you haven’t heard, 1xBet is one of the leading betting companies in the world. It operates in over 50 countries worldwide and accepts bets on various sporting events.

Since it was founded in 2007, it has become one of the leaders on the market. It is licensed in Curacao. The mobile app and website also have a section dedicated to casino games and live casino. Now you can have even more fun picking different things every time.

There are many advantages to choosing this bookmaker.

The main ones include:

  • Exclusive welcome bonus,
  • Very high odds,
  • Simple withdrawal process,
  • Bets on every sports betting market,
  • Innovative design and features,
  • Users from various countries can place their bets, etc.

Another reason the company stands out is by providing users with 1xBet live betting. As soon as you visit the website, you can see that there are decent betting odds for most events. This especially concerns pre-match betting. However, live bets also come with great conditions.

Let’s find out which option is better and how to place a live bet on 1xBet Kenya. We’ll also discuss how to submit a bet slip and watch 1xBet live stream.

1xBet live

Get a super bonus of 144$

Placing a bet with 1xBet live

Before you start betting with this company, you should find out how to make the most from it. First of all, during the registration, you may get a bonus of up to $144 or the sum’s equivalent in your national currency.

In order to receive it, you should enter a promo code and deposit a minimum of $10. There are a few terms you must follow and fulfill to transfer the money from your bonus account to your real-money account.

They include:

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • Pick the promo code which works in your region.
  • Sign up via the most convenient method for you and enter the code right away.
  • Make an initial deposit to unlock 1xBet bonus.
  • You must rollover the bonus 5 times in accumulator bets.
  • Each of them must have at least 3 events and odds of 1.40 and higher.
  • All of that must be fulfilled within 30 days from registration. Otherwise, it’ll simply disappear.

You might also find some extra terms or conditions. However, the company is very clear about that, so you should be able to learn the facts before you start the process. Mind that in case you fail to meet one or more requirements, you will lose the money.

1xBet live betting

Get a super bonus of 144$

Sports markets you can bet on at 1xBet

When you are ready to start betting, you should explore the company’s offers. Currently, you can bet on 47 types of sports. Most of them are also available for 1xBet live betting.

The major sports markets include:

  • Football,
  • Baseball,
  • Basketball,
  • Boxing,
  • Cricket,
  • Darts,
  • Golf,
  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • Handball,
  • The Olympics,
  • Rugby,
  • Soccer,
  • Tennis,
  • UFC,
  • Cycling,
  • Chess,
  • eSports,
  • Alpine Skiing,
  • Athletics.

There are other betting markets (e.g. badminton) which allow you to bet on a certain event, too.
While you can bet on some small tournaments, the main events cover the Premier League, NBA, and World Cup.

During these events, you are sure to have a wide selection of options. You’ll also be pleased to see the variety of betting options like a money line, handicap, bets on the total, etc.

Every user can pick between 2 display options regardless of which version (desktop or mobile) they use. The bets will be displayed either in 1 column or in 2. Besides, you’ll get an opportunity to search for a certain bet. It is sure to save you lots of time and stop you from scrolling through hundreds of bets.

Get a super bonus of 144$

The peculiarities of 1xBet live bet

It’s very easy to place a 1xBet live bet.

1xBet app pretty much does everything for you. At first, you open the live betting area. As a rule, it’s in the top overview bar next to the regular betting. Then you’ll see all the available matches. If you look for something specific, you may use the search. Keep in mind that not all events support Livestream. You are able to filter the events and pick only the ones that do.

As a rule, the best teams and most trending matches are reflected at the top of the lists. Next to each event participants you can observe the main betting options. When you decided which match to focus on, you can open further details.

1xBet live bet

Get a super bonus of 144$

Submitting a Bet Slip

Now you know where you can place 1xBet live football bet or any other type. It’s time to find out how to submit a bet slip step by step. There are a few simple steps you need to do before you enjoy 1xBet live stream.

They are:

  1. Click on your bet and pick your bet slip. It’ll pop up at the right side of your screen (even if you use a mobile app).
  2. Choose the stake you’d like to bet on.
  3. Once you do that, you’ll see your potential winnings and will be able to adjust them.
  4. You can add selections to your bet slip using the code of the event.
  5. Finally, place a bet by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.

If you have a promo code for this activity, you’ll be able to use them in that window, too. It’ll be right above β€œPlace a Bet” button. There is also a feature which allows to set up a custom stake. With one click of the button, it’ll be applied to all your bets by default.

Get a super bonus of 144$

1xBet Live stream

Probably the most exciting feature for most users is the 1xBet live TV. The live betting client accepts bets on the game you watch live. You can get an immersive experience by leaving comments, streaming the live video of the match, and do in-play streaming.

There are a few extra tips you should know beforehand:

  1. It’s better to connect to Wi-Fi if you play to videostream the game. The app and the website deliver high-quality video just like you see on TV. As a result, it requires much traffic and higher speed.
  2. You can stream 1xBet live football, basketball, tennis, and other games. Some sports are not eligible for that.
  3. It’s also better to be prepared and make sure your battery is charged. You don’t want your phone or laptop to die a minute before the most important moment of the match. When you watch 1xBet stream, your battery is drained. Be proactive and solve the issue before you begin.
  4. Every user can watch up to 4 different matches at the same time.
  5. Each match can be viewed in full screen, in HD.

Basically, you are sure to enjoy 1xBet live stream if you get ready properly and think about your strategy beforehand.

Get a super bonus of 144$

Other things worth knowing

One of the greatest features in 1xBet is the impressively high payouts of 97.3%. when talking about football, this number gets even higher and reaches 98.4%. Far from all companies deliver such wonderful results.

Moreover, it stands out by the number of options. You can pick from over 500 selections on every event.

The quality of the feature called 1xBet live, as it was earlier described, is one of the best in the industry. Every user can place bets at the same time as he watches games since the odds appear on the screen.

The company differs from similar bookies by offering casino and live casino. You may also bet on eSports which have become very popular lately.

It takes about 15 minutes to arrange the withdrawal if you use e-wallets. In case you don’t have one, you are sure to find something suitable for you. The selection of payment methods is enormous. You can make a deposit or withdraw money as its most convenient for you.

At the beginning of the article, we also mentioned the company is very generous. Well, you can easily observe them in countless promotions. Even the most demanding users will be pleased with them. Take advantage of promo codes and multiply your victories while watching 1xBet live football.

1xBet live stream feature

Get a super bonus of 144$

The verdict on 1xBet live stream feature

Now you know about most opportunities 1xBet offers. Aside from some traditional offers, you can see in other bookies too, 1xBet live allows you to bet and stream the event right from the app or site. Moreover, it’s a great experience since you can leave comments and discuss the game with other fans.

You can watch 1xBet live football, basketball, tennis, and many other popular games. Besides, it’s likely to be the only betting company which lets you stream up to 4 matches simultaneously.

The best selection appeared during big events like the World Cup but in other seasons you can still choose something interesting and exciting. In case you have never bet during 1xBet stream, the experience won’t leave you disappointed.Get a super bonus of 144$

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